3 for 3 Jam

Is a combination of 3 awesome ideas!

1. Break the mold of typical runs in a contest.

2. Making competition more FUN vs. serious.

3. Creativity in riding/ skiing.

With that being said we hope to have your attention! 3 for 3 Jam is going to run over 3 hours on 3 different features throughout Twisted Terrain Park. There will be divisions of discipline, but there will be winners at each feature. This is to help cut down on people being discouraged away from contests due to features and other contestants. So if you’re a rail rider you can just hit the rail in the 3 for 3 Jam and try to place on the rail feature or vice versa with jump riders. The features will be announced a couple of days before the contest, with differences between the features. Might be a jump, a rail, a box or Rainbow log, spine, and hip, it will change for every 3 for 3 Jam. It’s a 3 hour jam so you have enough time to hike a feature or lap with your friends; you also get as many tricks in as you want on the features in 3 hours. That’s a lot of riding time to have fun and push yourself against your friends. Think slope style with more runs and winners for each feature. We will have a judge at each feature to catch your tricks.