The Wildcat Pub at Wildcat Mountain is home to a highly sought-after Mug Club. Like most, the mug club membership is limited and the waiting list to join is long. Members receive a handmade mug and enjoy various membership perks. At the end of each year, members are offered the chance to renew their membership for an annual fee. Members who do not renew forfeit their mug, which is then available to a potential new member.

This year, with only a few open spaces and extremely high-demand, Wildcat decided to get creative and support two great organizations while filling the remaining spaces. On November 24, Wildcat announced that they would be accepting the highest bids for the remaining spaces, with one caveat. Every dollar over $55 (the Mug Club renewal rate) per bid would be donated to AbilityPlus Adaptive Sports and the Wildcat Ski Team. After two weeks of bidding, Wildcat collected a total of 116 bids. 28 lucky bidders won with the lowest bid at $160, and the highest bids at $500. Due to the success & generosity of bidders Wildcat Mountain will donate just under $3000 to each organization.

As part of the 60th anniversary celebration, Wildcat Mountain partnered up with Tuckerman Brewing Company to create a special ale that would be available to mug club members and the public at Wildcat Pub. The ale has been affectionately named, Hairball Ale and will be available in the pub within the next week. The tap of course will feature a custom design handle of a cat.

January 25th is the official 60th Anniversary date and Wildcat is planning a variety of events, activities, and deals for January 25 – 28. Earlier this summer, tickets were available as low as $9 for Thursday, January 25. Deals are still available for the weekend online, including single and multi-day ticket packages starting as low as $19.