The Tough Mudder Legionnaire Program is a loyalty program for participants who have completed multiple Tough Mudder events. It is designed to recognize and reward the dedication and commitment of loyal participants.

To become a member of the Legionnaire program, participants must complete at least one Tough Mudder event. After that, they can continue to earn points and move up through the levels by completing additional events.

The program has several levels, including:

  • Bronze (2-3 events)
  • Silver (4-6 events)
  • Gold (7-9 events)
  • Platinum (10+ events)

Each level offers its own set of rewards and benefits, such as priority registration for events, exclusive merchandise, and access to special training and events.

As participants progress through the levels, they also earn badges and other recognition to showcase their accomplishments. Additionally, Legionnaires are often seen as leaders and mentors within the Tough Mudder community, inspiring and encouraging others to take on the challenge.

Overall, the Tough Mudder Legionnaire Program is a way for participants to challenge themselves, connect with like-minded individuals, and earn recognition for their dedication and hard work.