“In this hike I take the Fire Warden’s Trail to the West Peak in the Bigelow Range, Maine. The day I headed out there was a flood watch, though nothing crazy to be worried about so I went out and had a blast! Hiking in wet conditions is a bit more of a challenge with footing and stream or river crossings and those things need to be taken with extreme caution at times. As long as you’re safe and have proper clothing, check wind and weather, and turn around if conditions take a turn for the worse, you are all set to go! This is my favorite mountain range in Maine and it never gets old… The beautiful Birch trees, Beech trees and Maples that dominate the lower elevations are so beautiful and can’t be compared especially during the fall peak season. The higher subalpine forest filled with moss, Fir trees, Spruce, And Paper Birch trees are such an amazing sight! Alpine shrubs and ferns fill the forest floor with seasonal mushrooms and fallen pine cones… Such a beautiful place to be. Adds such awe and wonder that only our amazing God could create!”