Lancaster Snow Drifters


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Lancaster Snow Drifters
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Lancaster, NH 03584

The very first meeting of the Lancaster Snow Drifters was held on August 8, 1964 “for the purpose of deciding if all favored a snow-kart club.” This makes our club one of the oldest snowmobile clubs in the world.

The Snow Drifters incorporated on January 13, 1966 and joined the Northern NH Sportsmen Association on March 15, 1966 and NH Snowmobile Association on October 14, 1969.

Right from the beginning, the Snow Drifters were involved with snowmobile exhibition racing. On February 5 & 6, 1966, our club hosted the Third Annual Grand Prix Snowmobile Race. The name was changed to the International Snowmobile Grand Prix Races for the February 1968 race. The winner was given the Kilkenny Cup which is on display in our club house.

Over the years, our club has held many dances, barbeques, poker runs, and raffles in order to raise money for charity, trail work, and saving for a new club house. After 38 years, the Snow Drifters built a club house on property graciously given to the club by Bill and Sylvia Doolan. The club house is located right at the junction of Corridor 5 and Route 3.

Other recent accomplishments the Snow Drifters have completed include the completion of a suspension bridge across the Israel’s River on Corridor 5, the purchase of a new groomer and drag, plus many other bridge and trail improvements.

On August 8, 2004, the Lancaster Snow Drifters will be celebrating our 40th anniversary.