Lisbon Stump Jumpers


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The Club is one of the oldest clubs in the State of New Hampshire with a rich history dating back to its inception in 1967. Remember those days when Bogie wheels ruled the roost. The club was formed when a group of friends and neighbors decided that if they were going to continue to ride on other peoples land, they had better get permission first. So they formed the club and obtained those permissions, some of which remain today.

Being one of the few organized snowmobile clubs in the state, the Stump Jumpers became one of the Charter Member Clubs, which contributed to the organizing of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Assn. in 1969, With several of its members serving as officers & directors in the Assn’s infancy.

The Club, as well as the sport, has evolved over the years where the trails of yesteryear have grown longer, straighter and wider to accommodate today’s machines in the areas of speed and safety.

Today’s club has approximately 400 members, not only from Lisbon, but several of the surrounding communities, that are dedicated to continued maintenance of our existing 130 plus, miles of groomed trails, as well as exploring new routes in which to view our scenic mountains and country side. With the Ammonoosuc Valley Rail Trail, Corridor 5, running through the middle of town, the club has provided ample exits, for access to gas and food.

We welcome all out of area riders. Please, ride and enjoy our trails as we take great pride in the on going efforts to developing and maintaining them for your riding pleasure as well as ours.

We want to thank all of the local landowners that have granted us the permissions needed to accommodate our trail system, as well as our local communities who have allowed us to use there unmanaged roads.