Moultonboro Snowmobile Club


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The Moultonboro Snowmobile club was started in the 1960′s by a small group of outdoor enthusiasts who found recreation, sociability and an opportunity to enjoy our fabulous New Hampshire environment by going to places not otherwise available in the winter months.

In the early days there were only ungroomed paths through the woods and snowmobiles were primitive at best by today’s standards. But it was fun.

A group of twenty six interested snowmobilers met at “Arey’s”, Sunday January 10, 1970, to discuss the possibility of forming a snowmobile club.

Howard Arey got the meeting started around 10:30 a.m. Each person introduced themselves and told where they were from. Hazel Straw acted a temporary Secretary, taking down the names of those present and notes on the discussion.

A general discussion on the advantages of such a club, rules, laws, and ideas were briefly exchanged. Lorrie Mailhot, of Concord, briefly told how such things have worked out in the Concord Snowmobile Club.

John Dunlap suggested a planning committee be formed and that they meet before the next meeting of this group. A committee of five were named, with John Dunlap heading the group. Other members were Leon Bagdasarian, Bill Dunn, Verne Richardson, and Dr. John Sturrock. This committee was to meet at John Dunlap’s home on Castle Shores, the next Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Present at the first meeting were Howard Arey, Leon Bagdasarian, Allen Bidder, John & Marge Dunlap, Bill, Helen & Wiley Dunn, Dick Haley, Scott Lamprey, Delma & Elsie McIntire, Johnny & Don Miller, Ralph & Jeff Nelson, Leonard Pace, Vern Richardson, Louie & Hope Rossi, Hazel Straw, and Dr. John Sturrock. Guests from Concord were – Lorrie & Brett Mailhot and Bob Clark. Coffee and doughnuts were served at the close of the meeting.