Mount Abram Family Resort


Howe Hill Road P.O. Box 240
Greenwood, Maine 4255
Phone: (207) 875-5000
URL:                            FaceBook:

Mount Abram Family Resort trail map


Ski Mount Abram is a small family ski area in Greenwood, Maine, located a few miles outside ofBethel, Maine, and the Sunday River Resort. It consist of 10 easy, 21 Intermediate, and 13 expert trails. Along with five lifts which service 1,150 feet (350 m) of vertical drop.

Mt. Abram can be broken up into two parts, the main mountain and Westside. Westside is the beginner area which has one Double Chairlift and a Ski tow, most lessons are taught in this area. The main part of the mountain, serviced primarily by The Way Back Machine, another double chair, consist of manyBlack Diamonds and Blue Square trails.

The trails at Mt. Abram are all named after Rocky & Bullwinkle; names include Dudley Do Right, Boris Badenov, and Natasha’s Niche.