Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club


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Snowmobiling is a wonderful way to enjoy New Hampshire’s winter. There are thousands of miles of trails that reach across the length and breadth of the state.

But while you look ahead to where you are traveling, please also consider the land that you are traveling over. Most likely, you are traveling over private land.

Over 90% of New Hampshire is privately owned, and most of our snowmobile trails travel over private land.

Snowmobile clubs work hard with landowners in order to create a network of trails that provide plenty of riding opportunities. How you conduct yourself while riding on private land will go a long way to keeping that trail open.

Unfortunately, each year, many clubs are faced with sections of trail that become closed due to improper behavior by a small minority of riders. Clubs must reroute trails, gaining access to new trails by knocking on doors to seek permission from landowners.

You can help keep our current trail system intact by acting appropriately while riding. Always stay on marked trails. Do not leave any litter behind, and please treat the landowner and the land with respect. Riding off the trail system requires landowner permission. Please ask first, rather than being asked to leave.

Access to private land is the key not only to snowmobiling, but New Hampshire’s outdoor future as well. So before you start your winter ride, please remember that your actions can impact future access for everyone. Please ride respectfully and thank you to all of the private land owners that make our sport a reality.