Pisgah Mt. Trailriders

Web: http://www.pmtr.org

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Pisgah Mtn Trailriders was originally formed by friends and acquaintances in Hinsdale to gather permission from area landowners to use and improve existing trails and create new ones to enjoy their snowmobiles. It seemed like everybody and his brother had a snowmobile.

As snowmobiles became more reliable, even more people were riding. Grooming equipment improved and made it more enjoyable to travel hill and dale. Little known is the fact snowmobile trails in Pisgah State Park were created and maintained by this club. Riding the smooth Fort Hill Trail along the Connecticut River and Ashuelot Trail connecting to Winchester and points beyond, wandering trails in the hills, woods and field trails of Hinsdale is made possible by those who volunteer their time.

Snowmobile clubs work in conjunction with New Hampshire Trails Bureau, New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, and NH Fish and Game. Although these agencies pay their employees, NO ONE is paid to maintain our trails. Our trails are maintained purely by volunteers.