Richmond Sno Rovers


Email: [email protected]

Richmond Sno Rovers
P.O. Box 6
Richmond, ME 04357


The Richmond club has been around since 1969. We have 30+ miles of trails, abutted by town trail systems on all sides. Pleasant Pond offers plenty of wide open space to cut loose & create your own trail.

Membership gives you an opportunity to support trail maintenance, and equipment costs. It also gives you access to great resources through this website. All members should make sure the webmaster has your e-mail address so that you can access all areas of the website.

Meetings are held at the Sportsman’s Club on the Alexander Reed road.

Please remember that the trails are maintained by Volunteers. The club owns several snowmobiles w/drags, and others volunteer w/their own equipment as well. Any help and understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone that helped prep the trails this year.

Maine Snowmobile Laws