SnoStreakers, Inc.


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Experience snowmobiling in the Lakes Region!

The Sno-Streakers snowmobile club was started in 1972 by a small group of dedicated snowmobiling enthusiasts. They secured access to, cleared, and groomed about 35 miles of trails. The original grooming was done with weighted bedsprings dragged behind members sleds.

In 1980 an Alpine twin track mono ski groomer was purchased by the club. In 1985 and 1987 two Polaris snowmobiles were added with Colebrook drags. In 1990 a 76′ Otto with a drag was purchased. In 1998 a Polaris with a Mogul Master drag was bought and most recently the fleet of groomers has been capped off with the acquisition of a 2003 Tucker 1000 with a Mogul Master drag and dozer snow blade.

Over the years trails have been improved, bridges built and maintained, and grooming has progressed. Through good relations with local land owners and businesses the club is proud to still have over 35 miles of trails, not a simple achievement considering the development boom in the Lakes Region. The membership has risen to about 370 members and the trails have never been better – thanks to the hard work of the trail crews.