Stoddard Rock Hoppers




Our club was founded by Stoddard town residents who had a desire to improve the trails in town and establish a trail system in town that the state would recognize. Since this time the club has grown to more than 180 members compiled of both residents and nonresidents. We have three groomers, 67 miles of trails, and host the annual radar run. We also run the “cook shack” at old home days which allows us to raise revenue and interact with the community.

Our strength comes through our members. This club has one purpose. It is to serve the members. This is your club. If you wish to change something or want to have an event, then all you have to do is ask for it.

The town of Stoddard is unique. It is the second largest town in Cheshire County with the smallest population. It has countless miles of large wooded areas and five bodies of water. The trails wind throughout the serine beauty giving the rider a unique experience.