5092 Access Road
Carrabassett, Maine 4947
Phone: (207) 237-2000; 1-800-THE-LOAF                                      Snowphone: (207) 237-6808
URL:                                                                E-mail: [email protected]

Sugarloaf trail map


Sugarloaf resort is divided into several areas.

Whiffletree, located on the eastern side of the mountain, and serviced by the Whiffletree SuperQuad, a high-capacity detachable quad built by Garaventa CTEC. It services beginner to intermediate terrain, such as Whiffletree, Cruiser, and Buckboard.

King Pine Bowl, located in the eastern bowl and serviced by the King Pine Quad. King Pine Bowl can also be accessed by the Skyline Chair via Spillway X-Cut or from Whiffletree. It services intermediate terrain such as Boomauger and Ramdown, and expert terrain such as Haul Back, Widowmaker, Flume, Misserywhip, and Ripsaw. The Cant Dog glade can also be accessed from this lift. Cant Dog is an expert glade with tight trees, cliffs, and waterfalls.

The Timberline Quad services the summit of Sugarloaf. Formerly in the place of the current Whiffletree Superquad, Timberline services easy runs such as Timberline and Tote Road start at the top terminal of this lift. The Snowfields can also be reached from this lift, with trails like White Nitro (New England’s steepest lift serviced trail) and High Rigger, also known as the “Backside Snowfields”.

Spillway is serviced by the Skyline, and the Bateau #3 T-Bar. Off the top of Skyline, Spillway cross cut leads to expert trails and glades.

SuperQuad is the most popular lift on the mountain that services advanced, intermediate, and a few beginner trails. West Mountain is serviced by the West Mountain Chair, and the Bucksaw Chair (Sugarloaf’s first chairlift). Bullwinkle’s Grill, an on mountain restaurant, is located at the top of these two chairlifts, and right off the Tote Road Trail.

Lower mountain, or the beginner area, is serviced by a few lifts. Double Runner East & West (mid station down), Skidway, Sawduster, Snubber, and the Moosecalator (Carpet). Trails such as Boardwalk, The Landing, and The Birches are accessible beginner trails from these lifts.[8][9]

Terrain Parks: Sugarloaf also has three different terrain parks. There is a Small (Skybound), Medium (Stomping Grounds, Haywire), and Large (Haywire, Sidewinder) jump park, and a Superpipe.