Twin Lakes Sno-Riders

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To inform the public on trail conditions, fundraisers and other club related news.


Twin Lakes Sno-Riders is located in New Canada, Maine and maintains several miles of trails including 73b, 73c and 81 from Cross Lake to Fort Kent and Daigle to St. Agatha. We also maintain the 2 mile connector trail to The Hideaway. Trails are groomed 2-3 nights per week or more depending on weather and/or local events.
Please feel free to post pictures and share your stories on snowmobiling in the area!

General Information
President- Craig Paradis
Vice President- Brian Albert
Treasurer- Linda Daigle
Secretary- John Daigle
Trail Bossr- Bear Hebert
Groomer Operators- Chad Pelletier
Al Watt
Jake St. Peter
Mike Voisine