Washington Snow Riders

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Bob and Vivian Clark were asked to help start the Washington Snow Riders club back in the 60’s along with Jim and Gwen Gaskell. Vivian and Bob had been members of the Merrimack Valley Snow Goers at that time and were somewhat familiar with the workings of a club. The first meetings were held at the Washington Fire Station. The first President of Washington Snow Riders was Charlie Dalphond. Meetings consisted of 6-7 members. At that time there were lots of trails, most of them were undeveloped roads and not plowed in the wintertime. Halfmoon Pond Road ended at the old Powers Place ( which is now Jaegers). Faxon Hill was never plowed in the winter, and had grass growing up the middle of it in the summer. Valley Road was not even built back then. The road ended at the Merzi’s Farm and was unmaintained after that. There was no Lake Ashuelot Estates, no Washington Lake Estates, no Highland Haven, and no Washington Heights. Old Marlow Road was only plowed to what is now John Hendrickson’s. Life was good back then! There certainly wasn’t the amount of landowners we have today. Our first club machines were Evinrude Skeeters. They were great trail breakers, and we had lots of snow to ride on. A lot has changed since the early days of snowmobiling. Some good–some not so good.

In the later years we have had 300+ members affiliated with our club. We also have upgraded equipment over the years which now include, Track Trucks, Scandic, and newer drags to try and keep up with the trailsystem. The younger generation is currently stepping into some pretty impressive shoes that they hope they can fill.